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Why Get Engaged?
September 9, 2021

Becoming ‘engaged’ in preparation for marriage is becoming increasingly less common in the UK. Traditionally couples got engaged to signify their intention to marry and that they were no longer ‘on the market’. Often this was the point at which the wedding date was set.

There are a number of reasons why couples are less likely to become formally engaged now, not least of which is that many couples have spent time living together before marrying. For some the cost of buying an expensive engagement ring may be a cost they can ill afford in the light of other priorities.

For the more romantic, however, the tradition of getting engaged still has appeal. If you do choose to become engaged, here are some ideas of ways to mark the event;

Exchange love tokens

A diamond ring is just one way to mark your engagement. Why not exchange some other form of love token? For example, sharing handcrafted gifts such as the Welsh tradition of carved love spoons is a beautiful and personal way to mark the moment.

Have a handfasting

Handfasting or ‘tying the knot’ was traditionally used to mark a couple’s intention to get married. You may choose something involving family and friends or perhaps a more intimate occasion. (For further information about handfasting ceremonies see the Handfastings page).

Throw a party

Apart from being a great opportunity to celebrate with friends and family, it may be the first time your two families have met. A fun way to break the ice which will hopefully pay dividends when it comes to the actual wedding day.